Coverglass For Microscopy


KNITTEL Coverglass is made of a colourless borosilicate glass (D 263) with an optimum hydrolytic resistance HGB1. This ultra thin glass is produced solely by only two special glass companies world-wide and by patented down-draw-technology working with very expensive platinum orifices for getting blister- and striae-free glass. The "ultra-thin glass foils" are steadily controlled by the Quality Control Systems of our supplier in terms of the chemical composition as well as glass thickness and waviness.
Through our consistent developments and automatisation of the process- and cutting-technology, we have reached the optimum dimensional accuracy. Our coverglass is manufactured in accordance to the international standard ISO 8255/1 and is ready to use. In order to prevent sticking, caused by stacking flat coverglass, we use very fine glass particles to powder the surfaces.

KNITTEL coverglass is available in twenty-six different dimensions, in squares as well as rectangular sizes and in various glass thicknesses. Specials for coverslipping machines, circles and customised dimensions are also in our product range.

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