StarFrost ® microscope slides

KNITTEL StarFrost® slides are globally protected as a registered trademark of Waldemar Knittel GmbH and in the EU under patented licence. This is a guarantee to you to receive our high-value, inspected, quality product. These slides can be easily recognised by the colour-printed marking areas and it offers you an additional differentiating factor for your substrates in medical or science institutions and laboratories.

  StarFrost® slides carry on the wettable top surface, a coloured translucent but opaque marking area. Available in our 6 standard colours: white, blue, pink, yellow, green and orange, all of which can be marked like a normal slide.
  As well as their markings with pencil (#4 = 2H), ballpoint pen, marker and different laboratory-printers (e.g. Leica XPS) or special solvent resistant laboratory-markers, different substrates can now be additionally identified by the colour of the slide. It makes it quicker and safer to separate slides or specimens e.g. by the urgency of the matter, testing method, staining technique, patient, etc .

Our special colour-printed marking area is resistant to all common chemicals used in the laboratories. On our StarFrost® Slides the printed ink works as a spacer to prevent scratches or sticking of the slides when stacking or magazining them. Additionally, there has been a lower susceptibility to failure in automated laboratory systems noticed.
From the single side printing of our coloured marking area and our adjacent printed trademark “StarFrost®“, the user always knows the best surface to be used (NB: With our standard Floatglass it is the same side as the best wettable surface (airside) of the slide). The printing also makes it easier to focus the microscope on the used surface and even in the dark you can feel whether you have the correct side.

The KNITTEL StarFrost® slides are cleaned by a new, KNITTEL-developed, globally unique cleaning-procedure, which is also friendly to the environment. Our cleaning-process offers the best wettability and the optimum condition of the marking area.

Like our standard microscope slides, StarFrost® slides are available in the familiar edge formats, such as cut, ground 90° with or without clipped corners, ground 45° and bevelled edged StarFrost® slides. Like all our other microscope slides, we take care to achieve the best processing, washing, examination and packing.

For larger demand, StarFrost® slides can be specially manufactured with customised printings, e.g. name of the customer, laboratory or hospital. We offer you detailed information about these specials on request.

Allabove mentioned microscope slides have hydrophilic surfaces and are commonly used for blood smears.

For research on pathologic and cytologic samples a different product is needed. Unlike our standard slides these should have a special “activated” glass surface. In the past it was a lot of extra work for the laboratory staff to prepare hydrophobic slides e.g. with protein-glycerine, gelatine or Poly-L-Lysine.

KNITTEL StarFrost® adhesive slides have been developed by our company especially for pathological and cytological applications in biological-medical research and diagnostics in order to pick up cells and tissues easier and at lower cost.